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Novelack Aqua Ex Sanding Sealer

Novelack Aqua Ex Sanding Sealer

Introducing Novelack Aqua Exterior Sanding Sealer, the ultimate solution for preparing exterior surfaces for high protection. This water-based, acrylic resin-based sealer is a top-quality 1-K product that boasts fast drying and easy sanding capabilities, making it a breeze to use. Its high filling and good leveling properties ensure a smooth and flawless surface before the application of the topcoat.


What's more, this sealer is highly resistant to mold, algae, and bacteria formation on surfaces, guaranteeing long-lasting protection. Rest assured, the Novelack Aqua Exterior Sanding Sealer won't damage the natural wood look, making it the perfect choice for wood surfaces. Say goodbye to surface imperfections and hello to a professional finish with this exceptional sealer.

    100,00 €Price
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